2-3 Grade
Leader: Courtney McNew

First Chance Camp

June 30-July 2, 2019
2-3 Grade

$50 Early Bird Form & Fee Registration
$60 after June 16

Camp Director(s): Courtney McNew (208) 412-0780

Refund policy: 100% prior to 1 week of camp, anytime after that is 50%
(Summer campers are to attend the camp for the grade they are going into during the Fall school year.)















First Chance camp is a unique opportunity for second and third graders to get a taste of what camp is like. The two and a half days are packed full of samplings of activities that they can expect in the fourth and fifth-grade camps. The first day begins with some cabin games to get everyone acquainted. It continues with a delicious supper and their first lesson and craft session where the theme of the week is introduced.  After this, the kids are introduced to the mission for the week.  The evening concludes with a time of worship, a small snack, and a short campfire message. The next day repeats many of the previous day's activities adding some new games, lessons, and crafts. The campers also get a chance to have free time where they can ride bikes, swim in the pool (with Lifeguard supervision),
play in the creek (fully supervised), go on a hike, or just play games. Once again, the day concludes with campfire, snack, and a short message. The last day of camp the campers clean up and head home. First Chance Camp is a great opportunity for campers to meet other Christians, learn more about God's Word, and be introduced to the concept of missions and missionaries.

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